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Flier by Karen Lewis

So begins
the inexplic
able adventures
of a handful of fearless &
demented bunnynauts who
brave the forces of entropic
maturity in order to upend
the fluffy bottom of
this most sugar
-coated of
DISH Collective presents


A Melt -O-Media Easter Eggsplosion!
4 Amazing Environments: Gallery Performance Projection

Saturday, April 7, 2001

555 Florida Street
@18th St.

San Francisco

8pm -2am

$5 in Easter Attire,
$7 - $10 w/out

• Dr. Friendly & Friends Audio Magic

Starboy Psychedelic Vidjo
• Les Jambes du Chocolat Sandwich
• Bunny Blob Theatre
• Kostume Korner & Video Playset
• Jeezus Cheezus
• Poke the Tail on the Trailer Bunny
• Peanut Bunny & Jello
• DayGlo EGGin' with mEGGin
• Mike Tyson's Tourettes Easter Parade and Marching Band
• Raise your Libido w/ Eastrogen & Jack Rabbit Plus!
• Bunnies with Chainsaws
• It's...a...Religious Pamphlet!
• Psoriasis Psue's EGGplant Regalia
• The Habbitts of Rabbitts
• Disco Easter Mass
• Bunny Punch 'n' Peeps Drink Specials
Including the incomparable talents of the Bay Area's finest bunnyrippin'artistes:

• Starboy
• Sandwichgirl
• Dr. Friendly
• Spoonman
• $teven Ra$pa
• Marcia Crosby
• Karen Lewis
• Marc Anthony
• CC Clark
• Kiki Alexander
• Supersnail
• Jackie Jack
• Monica Jeremias
• Laura Farabough
• Peter Samuels
• Ron Halbert
• Boris Zubov



PIX: There are a great bunch of photos by the inimitable Supersnail that can be seen here.

WORDZ: Also, an interesting article appeared in the 4.11.01 issue of the Bay Guardian (p.44). It's reproduced online here. It's admirably free of analysis or criticism, just a first person account of what the author saw and heard - kinda refreshing.

FLASH WEBSITE: In case you missed the groovy Flash animations from Karen Lewis, catch them here.

OUR PROUD SPONSORS: Eastrogen and Jack Rabbit Plus (Courtesy of Karen Lewis)

MOVIES (REQUIRE QUICKTIME): Click the Bunnyheads for video roller coaster tours of BunnyJam Live (Edited by Boris Zubov)

(1.6 MB - No Pop-Up? Click here!)
(2.1 MB) (No Pop-Up? Click here!)

BUNNYVILLE IS FOR PLAY: In hopes of keeping ourselves entertained, we set off to trip over as many surprises as possible. Of course, starting out with a bunny-butt silly theme doesn't hurt either at keeping people from getting all artsy high-hat - especially when most hats had long ears.

THE MODEL IS SIMPLE BUT HUGE: Basically, we met once a week for three months. Through a process that's so silly, we best keep it secret, DISH created its own collectively produced and thematically centered content. We then brought that content into a fun party/gallery environment. The next step (which admittedly was only partially successful that night) involved capturing live participant actions and responses in a variety of ways, and then feeding that back through the playback system, which then fed subsequent rounds of aquisition. In the end, the front-loaded media was melted with the backside media and the results exhibited a high level of novelty. The time has come to be more ambitious in the kinds of collective experiences we want to create. It starts with you. Get down with your people, dream up some outrageous things and then make them happen.

WISHES FOR 2 MORROW: That we expand the process, that the work stay collectively produced but keep expanding in quality, that we hook up with others traveling similar pathways, that we carve out a serious online component, and that we bring things always closer to real-time. It's this wave of making media out of the moment that we seem focused on and uniquely ready to catch. With a slightly expanded array of tools and talent, we could take that real-time source and output some pretty amazing stuff, damn near instanty!

SO: The DISH crew was happy with what happened that night and knocked out by the party-cipation of those who came. We went on to June 2nd at Anon Salon's Heaven Eleven Event in San Rafael. It was called JuneBug. If any of this has raised your interest, we would be glad to field any questions or comments you might wish to throw our way.



"As a scientist, Throckmorton knew that if he were ever to break wind in the echo chamber he would never hear the end of it."