Come Visit Bunnywood @ Burning Man '03
Located at Esplanade and Karmic Circle
Visit us Thursday, August 28 starting at 4pm for the

Billion Bunny March &
Sacred Carrot Lingam Processional
+ Bunny Party!

Bunnies of every shape and size, bunny stilters and carrots!!!

Join us from 4pm-6pm in our Bunnification Station to get all bunnied-up for the Processional!

The Procession leaves Bunnywood at 6pm sharp.

We march through Center Camp and along the Esplanade and back to Bunnywood by 7pm.

General Bunny Jam-styled celebration thereafter feeding into
Bollywood's GLAMASUTRA at 8pm,
a Bolly-Bunny Drag Stage Pageant Competition for The Golden Bindi!

Followed by even more Bunny-Jam style antics, bunny music and bunny hopping!