Things have gotten so out of hand that the only option left is to simply grab the handle of the muther kultur machine and crank away! The cards on the table are of our own design. The faces in the crowd are our own. The people on the stage are you and your friends. Did you really think you could prance around in costumes 20 times a year for 6, 8, 10 years and NOT mutate? You think this shit is a hobby? Clearly, you know too much - too much about the presentation of self - too much about color and fabric, too much about character, too much about self-expression - so what you going to do? Well, in the short term, you should be thinking about bringing it all together and getting on down to Bunnyjam IV and being in the super "all spring - all the time" do-it-yourself furshion show.

Plans are still jello-ing, but we figure the show will happen at midnight & be divided into at least 3 segments, like...

1. Furries, Fuzzies & Freekalopes

2. Nymphs, Satyrs & Floralistas

3. Alien Spring Fling

Each segment will start with a little 3 minute divertissement, i.e. a song, a dance, a poem to spring, who knows. These will be determined before hand, so if you have a desire to produce one of these segments, contact asap.

Now, if you don't have a full 3 minute thing to present, no problem - simply take that glowing idea and distill it into 30 seconds or less, the amount of time it might take you and /or your friends to strut that transcendental runway that we will be creating.

Work alone or with others. Be a bevy of buttercups, a mult-dimensional picnic basket, a great silly-ass rabbit - all is permitted. Give your character a name. Check the names on the collaborator list. No one is who they are in real life. All have been transformed. A name is a powerful springboard to a new behavior. If you have ideas that you'd like to share, go to the bunnyblog and toss them around. Perhaps you can find some collaborators that way.


The rest will be handled. The music will be appropriately hoppin', so you can dance your way through the experience. The decor will be pastel and glowing. You and your finery will look GOOD! We will shoot it for video, project it live and record for later.

Questions? Drop a line!


- spoonish bunny


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